Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy

“I work with a wide variety of adolescent and adult clients of both genders. The problems they bring in are related to problematic love relationships and friendships and with difficulties with work. I encourage them to say whatever is on their mind and from there we try to understand the subtext of what is causing their problems. I particularly pay attention to how their current relationship and work problems are related to past difficulties they have had growing up in their family. Aspects of these past problematic family relationships are often carried over into present relationships, including with the therapist, without the client being aware of it.

While I work with persons from a wide variety of backgrounds, I have seen in therapy a number of Asians and Asian Americans, such as Indians, Japanese, South Koreans, Chinese, and Vietnamese, here and in India and Japan. I have written three books on the subject, the most recent one is Journeys to Foreign Selves: Asians and Asian Americans in a Global Era, Oxford University Press.

Since I am an exhibiting visual artist and a playwright, I also work with many artists from a variety of the arts — poets, painters, film-makers and editors, theater directors, opera singers, musicians, dancers, and writers. They range from students to amateurs to nationally and internationally recognized artists. Besides relationship problems, they may be inhibited in their artwork, or more often have difficulties in working out their careers because of their emotional issues. Several patients through their analysis have been able to write books.

For insurance, I am an out-of-network provider with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, Oxford, United Health, and Magellan. My fee range is from $120 to $200 per session.”

— Alan Roland, PhD

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