Book Reviews

1. Special Book Review on Erikson’s Gandhi’s Truth – Psychoanalysis and History: A Quest for Integration. Psychoanalytic Review, 58, 1971

2. Book Review on The Imperial Imaginations: Magic and Myth in Kipling’s India by Lewis D. Wurgaft, Wesleyan University Press, 1983. Journal of Asian Studies, 1985

3. Book Review on Otto Rank: A Rediscovered Legacy by Esther Menaker, Columbia University Press, 1986. Psychoanalytic Review, 1987

4. Book Review on Asian Contributions to Psychology, Ed.s Paranjpe & Ho. Praeger, 1988. Asian Thought and Society, XV, 1990

5. Special Book Review on Psychoanalysis in India and Japan – the Work of Sudhir Kakar and Takeo Doi. Psychoanalytic Review, 81, 1994

6. Book Review on Narratives of Agency: Self-Making in China, India and Japan, Ed. W. Dissayanake. University of Minnesota Press, 1995.  Journal of Asian Studies, 1996

7. Book Review on The Heart of Altruism: Perceptions of a Common Humanity by Kristen Renwick Monroe, Princeton University Press, 1996. The Psychohistory Review, 26, 1997

8. Book Review on Kali’s Child by Jeffrey Kripal. Ramakrishna: Mystical, Erotic, or Both? Journal of Religion and Health, 37, 1998

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